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Hi there, I'm Jess!

Build a sustainable, culture-shifting business without burning out or minimizing who you are.

At Embodied Impact Consulting, we see you as a catalyst capable of creating ripple effects of personal and community liberation through your gifts and vision.  

And, we help you build your legacy sustainably by encouraging you to boldly lean into your unique leadership design, energetic capacity, and data-driven guidance that also takes into account your inner wisdom.


Everyone’s talking about disrupting - we’ve decided to act on it

“I can’t say how much this woman has changed my life - her program, her guided meditation, her ability to truly see people, and help them make them see themselves is unmatched. For years I debated getting a coach, and yes I was afraid of the investment - but what other investment is better than the one for yourself, your happiness, and as a powerful female in this world?”

Alex Trakas, CEO - Bash Boxing

Like you, I’m passionate about building a sustainable lifestyle & business without relying on endless hustle and one-size-fits-all pathways. 

These are oppressive practices that benefit the patriarchy, which continues to view us - the quiet fires - as objects to be “controlled” or “saved” because we can’t be “trusted with power.”

That’s BS - I trust you with power. 

Your lived experiences are valid. 

Your medicine is potent. 

Your future is buzzing with possibilities. 

If you’re done navigating life and business advice that doesn’t align with your energetic capacity and how you see the world - welcome, you’re in the right place.

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Our job and joy is to support you with mentorship, tools, and holistic strategy so you can activate your inner fire, create meaningful impact, and rise above dominant narratives:

What we do...

- That leadership is only meant for a select few 
- That your ideas aren’t worthy or valuable when you operate from the wisdom and truth of your intersectional lived experiences 
- That building generational wealth means working yourself to the bone (blinkers on, exhaustion on tap)


Create an unshakeable foundation for your legacy in business by leaning into the whisper of intuition and the gift of reasoning. 
Plan, strategize, and implement with Jess and team to lead from a place of rest, resilience, and alignment.

Intuitive, Lifestyle-focused Business Culture & Leadership Strategy for Visionaries

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This is our signature group program for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs who crave radical clarity about how they can guide a paradigm shift from their unique perspective. 

In 8 weeks you’ll learn how to own your identity, voice, and purpose so you can build a sustainable vision with aligned offers or action steps.

Embolden - Your Vision to Velocity Roadmap

Case Studies


Kat Castro, Alternative and Holistic Healer

“Jess has been such a model and mentor for me. We both started as burnt-out doctors of physical therapy. But she has really been showing me what can be possible!

It’s been a year of creating and experimenting. And I’m really excited to be shifting into this new way of working with my own personal coaching/healing business.”