Christine G Hill, Intuitive Wellness Coach

Christine is a healer who provides tools and holds sacred space for people who want to start or continue exploring their intuitive wellness journey. 

Christine started her business to find her way out of postpartum depression. Her exploration of yoga and other holistic practices helped Christine feel at home in her mind and body again. 

While Christine was going through this transformative journey and building her wellness business as a side hustle, the Black Lives Movement gained momentum. 

This is Christine’s story of how she liberated her voice and began her journey as an empowered leader. 


At the height of the BLM movement, people at my nine-to-five job asked me to lead these discussions as I was one of the very few black people in our organization. But I wasn’t really invited to speak my truth - I was asked to perform in a politically correct way. As an employee, not a leader. I’ve noticed this in the online business space as well - the pattern of performing. 

All the pressure was on my shoulders to show up, to educate, to hold space and I didn’t have the language to express my advocacy authentically. This made me feel like my voice didn’t need to be heard, that I should just keep my opinions to myself. It was around this time that I found Jess’ post about the situation - she had articulated everything with so much clarity and strength - I knew this was something I needed. 

The Challenge - before working with Jess 

I love how Jess empowers leaders of color in this container. Before joining, I felt insecure about sharing my truth because I didn’t have the language and didn’t want to be performative. I wanted to come from a place of authenticity. 

Even during our 1:1 calls in Embolden, I’d share my thoughts and ask Jess - does that make sense? Do you think this is right? She always empowered me to speak my truth in a way that felt good to me, from a felt sense. 

The one-on-one calls with Jess were also SO valuable. I love Jess’ teaching style. She isn’t coach-y or teacher-y. She’s there with you as a listener and companion. She has this amazing way of helping you stop second-guessing yourself and empowering you to be the kind of leader only you can be.

Christine's experience working with Jess in Embolden

I had so many breakthroughs - feeling empowered to share my voice and my thoughts unapologetically, feeling more empowered in my marriage, navigating systems of oppression, understanding the root of my identity and my energy patterns. 

ALL of this help me show up authentically in my business - and people can feel it, I’ve been told. 

The Impact

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