We help you choose an intentional and sustainable legacy-building route so you can thrive on your own terms

We’re a culture consulting agency for leaders, CEO’s & visionaries with a focus on intersectional leadership & sustainable, intuition-guided strategy.

If you’re curious how you can fearlessly guide a paradigm shift from your unique perspective and build a legacy in business without following someone else’s footsteps or burning out - welcome friend, you’re seen and understood here. 

Who we are 

Embodiment is both a tool and philosophy in our work at EIC.

And it comes from founder and CEO Dr. Jessica Moy’s lived experiences as a first-generation Asian American woman, woman of color entrepreneur, and physical therapist treating the physical symptoms of burnout. 

Through holistic strategy and embodiment practices, we help you care for your business as you would care for your body - making conscious decisions to tackle unique needs and create tangible outcomes. 

(Because everything in business is critically connected - just how our body is.) 

Our support anchors you in your truth, steers you away from cookie-cutter strategies, and helps you make moves in your life and business with joy, hope, and alignment. 

Intentionally manifesting what you desire also creates a greater sense of self-sovereignty - thus liberating your mind from oppressive societal narratives that you’re not enough and need to be controlled or saved. 

Our intention: Why “Embodied Impact?”

em·​bodi·​ment | \ im-ˈbä-di-mənt

a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.

Founder and CEO, Intuitive Strategist, Community Builder, and Decentralized Leadership Advocate

As a woman of color entrepreneur, I know how it feels to be left out of conversations. 

As a first-generation Asian American, I get the “will break my back” pull of building generational wealth.

As a third culture kid, I get how your intersectional identity can feel impossibly nebulous at times. 

As an empath and projector, I know how important it really is to operate from a deep understanding of your energetic blueprint.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know what chronic fatigue feels like (in my past life as a doctor of physical therapy, I burnt out from treating burnout - go figure.)

Hey I’m Dr. Jess Moy  

That’s why at EIC disruption, liberation, innovation, and embodiment aren’t buzzwords.

It’s how we shift the narrative, foster collaborative leadership, and create ripple effects of personal and community wellbeing - together. 

What makes Embodied Impact Consulting different?

As an all-POC women-identifying group of entrepreneurs, we recognize the potency of our own medicine and want you to feel equally seen and heard.

We know what it feels like to be put on the sidelines. While we want to liberate the online business industry, we want to liberate you as a human too. 

Here we dismantle conventional business practices and blend the masculine (data-driven strategy) and feminine sides (inner wisdom and natural cycles) of business to bake longevity and sustainability into your plan.


A digital community & integration platform for leaders & entrepreneurs looking to continue building their business & legacy through the lens of REAL anti-racism, inclusion, & Collective care. 

In partnership with anti-racism & leadership coach, Alyssa Hall, learn collaboratively, show up as your whole damn self, and multiply your impact through community support. 

Scale Your Impact Collective -
The Membership


This is our signature group program for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs who crave radical clarity about how they can guide a paradigm shift from their unique lens. 

In 8 weeks you’ll learn how to own your identity, voice, and purpose so you can build a sustainable business with aligned offers.. 

Embolden - Your Vision to Velocity Roadmap

Pick your pathway to liberated leadership

Intuitive, Lifestyle-focused Strategy for Liberation-seeking Visionaries

Create an unshakeable foundation for your legacy in business by leaning into the whisper of intuition and the gift of reasoning. 
Plan, strategize, and implement with Jess and team to lead from a place of rest, resilience, and alignment.



Jess helps her clients build sustainable, culture-shifting strategy by blending the masculine (aligned action) and feminine (inner wisdom and embodiment). 

Her holistic approach comes from her experiences as a doctor of physical therapy, researcher, third culture kid, and innately intuitive woman of color entrepreneur

Jess runs her business on the foundation of communal generational wealth building with a global team of all-POC woman-identifying entrepreneurs. 

Jess grew up in Maryland, USA, and currently lives in Okinawa, Japan, with the love of her life, Yogi the Schnoodle, and her husband. 

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