Because you deserve to know who and what we support both as a company and as people.

What We Stand for at Embodied Impact Consulting

You deserve to work with people that meet you at the intersection of your lived experience and identity.

As members of the BIPOC community ourselves, we are committed to amplifying, supporting, and unleashing the power that is the voices Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, People of Color.

We recognize that the systemic patterns and paradigms that exist are rooted in oppressive practices and that we as BIPOC folx are not exempt from the perpetuation of them. As we grow we are committed to being radically transparent about our own processes, who we serve, who we partner with, and the actions we are committed to to break our own chains of generational trauma and make way for a new culture to be born where we all thrive. 

We will continue to update this page with a social impact plan, stats of our community, and where we fall short because there is not perfect path, only committed steps forward. 

We stand for our BIPOC community.

At EIC we recognize that our current society not only represses on the basis of racism, but also ALL the -ism's. That's why we are constantly working to make what we do accessible to all folx ready to do the work and work side by side with us regardless of their experience or identity. This includes but is not limited to: ageism, sexism, racism, classism, able-ism, homophobia, xenophobia. 

We actively work to dismantle the -ism's. 

We would be remiss to not include our firm stance on the rights of women+ as our founder started on the path of well-being by first and foremost working women+ health and advocacy. Women make up half the population, are responsible for the continuation of the human race, and have been forced to live in a healthcare system designed for and by men.

As such everything we do is rooted on the premise normalizing reproductive and women+ health, advocating for equity in business and the workplace, and dismantling the paradigms that keep women+ small for fear of the power they may have when placed in environments made for them to thrive. 

We stand for the rights of women-identifying folx & all ovary-owners.

“Our path to Collective freedom and empowerment is not an easy one. Making the decision on where we stand in social justice issues and where we create impact is challenging. However, if we can lean in to the discomfort, be willing to take steps forward, and hold ourselves accountable when we make mistakes, I believe these are the keys to Collective healing. 

I recognize the power both as a business owner and consumer and strive to make decisions rooted in love and liberation of my fellow BIPOC communities. I will always strive to speak only from my own lived experience, recognize where I can educate myself, and where I can make the greatest impact in my choices. I still (and will always) have so much to learn. I hope that you choose to walk this path with me and that we can make strides for our fellow humans together. "

Jessica MOy, CEO & FOUNDER

We do business differently. We believe in putting people first to build products & services that helps both our bottom line & communities thrive. Creating change only makes a difference when that change can outlast those that created it.  

A culture is made of the people & beliefs inside it. Using tools and analysis rooted in a human-centric approach to business,, we will blend the strategy & sorcery of innovation to create longevity & sustainability into your plan. 


We believe our inner voice and wisdom are our greatest weapons in liberating ourselves and our business. Our goal is to give you the tools and environment that allow that subtle voice to shine forth and bring to fruition everything you and your ancestors dreamed of.


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