Cultivate clarity and resilience that sees you through the ebbs and flows of business and life

Intuitive Leadership + Culture Strategy for Liberation-seeking Visionaries



You’ve realized that while you can admire the heck out of someone on your feed, you know their roadmap or acceleration formula isn't one-size-fits-all. 

Because intentional growth isn’t formulaic - and you don’t want to build your legacy on borrowed vision. 

And while DIYing has served you to an extent, custom strategy seems like the right kind of care for you and your business right now. 

You want momentum that makes sense for you

“I can’t say how much this woman has changed my life - her program, her guided meditation, her ability to truly see people, and help them make them see themselves is unmatched. For years I debated getting a coach, and yes I was afraid of the investment - but what other investment is better than the one for yourself, your happiness, and as a powerful female in this world?”

Alex Trakas, CEO - Bash Boxing

You deserve to make moves in your life and business from a place of clarity, rest, and resilience.

We don’t ask you to push through burnout and call it work ethic → We’ll design a journey that factors in your unique energetic blueprint

We don’t approach strategy with a cold and clinical manner → Instead, we encourage you to lean into data-driven guidance that also takes in your inner wisdom and natural cycles

We don’t hype you up to say yes to a draining launch that sends you into hiding for months after → We help you create plans so you can be joyfully present for yourself, your family, and your legacy

We don’t implement outdated systems because “that’s the way it’s done” → Together we find ways to honor all the humans in your business - you, your clients, and your team

That’s why we prioritize your vision and liberation goals for sustainability

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“When I was transitioning from a nine-to-five to my coaching business, I noticed that my energy was drained and I knew that wouldn’t be sustainable. 

But after working with Jess, I’m more intentional about my energy and how I stay organized in my business. 

I have started referring to the lunar cycle to check in with my energy levels and orient myself. And, I stay organized with tools like Notion to reduce overwhelm. I’ve also learned how to prioritize and break down larger projects into smaller tasks, and I’ve built in habits like journaling which allow me to unravel. “

Kristine Angeles, Purpose and Fulfillment Coach 

We do business differently. We believe in putting people first to build products & services that helps both our bottom line & communities thrive. Creating change only makes a difference when that change can outlast those that created it.  

A culture is made of the people & beliefs inside it. Using tools and analysis rooted in a human-centric approach to business,, we will blend the strategy & sorcery of innovation to create longevity & sustainability into your plan. 


We believe our inner voice and wisdom are our greatest weapons in liberating ourselves and our business. Our goal is to give you the tools and environment that allow that subtle voice to shine forth and bring to fruition everything you and your ancestors dreamed of.


Our method:

Scalable support for your here and now

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For the entrepreneur that needs a quick dose of strategy, product development, or general support. This option is a good fit for you. We will dive into a topic of your choosing at a lower cadence monthly OR you can schedule whenever you chose. 

**must have completed an intensive or worked with Jess & team prior**

Ad-Hoc Needs

(Starting at $660/month USD)

For the entrepreneur that wants an intuitive & sustainable way to plan their business, product/services, and schedule to support the human leading the movement. We will dissect your key components & build a plan that fits your well-being AND biz growth.

Week-long Dive

(Starting at $1750 USD)

For the entrepreneur that wants Jess & EIC as their in-house team for business growth & culture strategy, this is the tier for you. Access to our experts is available at your customized rate. This is our most intimate & customized level of support.

Customized Retainer

(Starting at $220 USD peR MONTH)

Embodied Impact Consulting was born after I burnt out from treating burnout as a doctor of physical therapy. I’ve spent years treating chronic fatigue in my patients, and I recognize these signs when I work with clients now as a mentor and intuitive strategist. 

That’s why my team and I encourage you to care for your business as you’d care for your body - in a holistic way and with the intention to address specific-to-you symptoms and create tangible outcomes that you want. 
We’re shaped by our culture and experiences, which steer us towards our life’s purpose. And as entrepreneurs, we deserve to channel that purpose into a vision to create ripple effects of healing, liberation, and impact in a way that feels natural and joyful.

I see you as a beautiful, authentic human with a multi-layered identity. And your path to your definition of success should be unique to you. 

Now, the question is - do you want the journey to be sustainable?

And do you want to make it happen with a collaborative strategist and mentor who sees you, has skin in the game, and co-creates with you?

If that’s a full-body YES, you know what to do. 

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The one-on-one calls with Jess in Embolden were also SO valuable. I love Jess’ teaching style. She isn’t coach-y or teacher-y. She’s there with you as a listener and companion. She has this amazing way of helping you stop second-guessing yourself and empowering you to be the kind of leader only you can be.”

“Jess always empowered me to speak my truth in a way that felt good to me, from a felt sense. "

-Christine G Hill, Intuitive Healer